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USERNAME is kshitij.ucoz
PASSWORD is 123456
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I am sorry to say that, this website will no longer be updated.
But you can enjoy funny pictures and rage comics in my new website.
I would like to introduce my latest website 
Also you can read some astonishing stories; unbelievable things and shocking images at my other website http://idaretothink.heliohost.org/ 


                                  LATEST PAGES Which i made ,in this site---


Physics Games

Click on the picture to start the game
Air Transporter
Blow Upl
Bridge It
Make a Bridge
Crush the

Destroy The
Energy Physics
Test Pilot
Top Figures
Zombie Land

Ink Bottle
Some of the above games were requested by our regular visitors

special news - I have made my own web server capable of hosting  many websites
work is under process so u may expect me to open the server only if u personally ask me.
domain is kshitij.dyndns.org

Superb Softwares that u may not know about

USB Virus Scan v2.3-It scans and delete all viruses in a infected pendrive. The moment u Insert a virus infected pendrive to yor computer,the virus copies itself to your hard-disk.This small software stops it and kills the virus.

Superb WEBSITES u must see
http://www.icogno.com/? [Artificially Intelligent, speaking, videocentric Avatar ]
This is a website similar to cleverbot{given below}.But in this a Girl(robot) talks to you in realtime video chat!!!
so u can chat with a robo girl who will answer all your questions 99% correct!!!
this  is far better than cleverbot 

http://cleverbot.com/[Artificially Intelligent chatting]

This website allows you to chat with a ROBOT.yes u can chat with a robot.it learns to chat by chating with real people.

This website allows you to fool your online friends.With this site you can play harmless online pranks on your friends.the instructions are given in thae website.

http://www.fliptext.org/ [To Twist Your Friends Head]

??is siÉ ? buisn siÉ ? ??i? ??iÉ ? o? ??qÉ ?q ??i? n

http://omegle.com/ [chat with a stranger]

With this website u can chat with a stranger sitting anonyomous.u dont have to register or login.when u go to this site ,it will select a random person to chat with u from the entire world.I personally recommend that u don't disclose your real life information to strangers.

This website tell about new such superb websites in detail.

https://sites.google.com/ [Make your own]
This is hosted by google,with this u can make websites very easily.it is not at all complicated.
http://www.ucoz.com/ [website]
I have made my website using this website.it is more complicated than google,i recommend only people with html knowledge use this website to create your website

JOKES -always changes, every time u load this
sorry comming soon
<the joke section have been removed temporerly>

I am kshitij salgunan

{owner of this website}


About me(click here)

This website is best viewed in HD (1920*1080p) with internet explorer 9 or latter
Views: 3223 | Added by: nill | Date: 23-Jun-11 | Comments (0)

we have acheived more than one visitor per day from the date of starting of this website
even though our site is a non profit website
thank u everyone
Views: 2389 | Added by: nill | Date: 22-Jun-11 | Comments (0)

hello friends ,
we are glad to inform u that we have got a top level -domain name
so now u may just type www.kshitij.tkinsead of www.kshitij.ucoz.com
u can acess this site by this addresses or domains
www.kshitij.com.co.in... Read more »
Views: 1085 | Added by: nill | Date: 22-Jun-11 | Comments (0)

You can write without any registration in the site wall or guestbook

Views: 1025 | Added by: nill | Date: 23-Dec-10 | Comments (3)

I made this site so that everyone can discuss manythings online with great ease.
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More news at news  page



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